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cccccccccccccAmerican Pitt Bull Registry (APBR)

cccccccccccccDog Owner's Guide - Dog Training & Medical Information

cccccccccccccVetInfo - Medical Information & Advice

cccccccccccccPit Bull Encyclopedia - Everything Pit Bull

cccccccccccccCafe Press - Pit Bull T-Shirts, Clothing, & More

cccccccccccccElite K-9 - Bite Sleeves, Bite Suits, Muzzles, etc...

cccccccccccccBadd Dog Gear - Spiked Collars, Harnesses, Muzzles, etc...

cccccccccccccReal Collars - Spiked Collars, Snake Skin, Chrome, etc...

cccccccccccccHot Dog Collars - Theme Collars, Nascar, Sports Teams, etc...

cccccccccccccBully Shows - Pit Bull events throughout the USA

cccccccccccccEntirely Pets - Lowest Prices on Pet Meds

cccccccccccccEast Coast Ryders - Cars & Truck Rydin' High on 24's on Up

cccccccccccccShift Auto - Specializing in Paint, Body and Auto Repairs

cccccccccccccFABB - Families Against Breed Bans

cccccccccccccConnelly Kennels - Storm's Bloodline Owtlaw/Mad Latin